Royal Dutch Gazelle presents two new lifestyle city bikes

The CityZen is a real lifestyle city bike, as well as the sportiest and fastest bike in the Gazelle product line. It combines minimalist design with high-value components. The bicycle comes in two flavours: the C7 with a Shimano Nexus 7 and the S9 with a Shimano Deore rear derailleur. The CityZen C7, which weighs in at under 15 kilos and is equipped with a Shimano Nexus gear hub and maintenance-free roller brakes, is ideal for comfortable city cycling. Weighing just 12.1 kilogrammes, the CityZen S9 is especially light-weight, making it very easy to manoeuvre.  Prices start at 699 euros, and the CityZen is available in both men’s and women’s models. 

Gazelle Tour de France

The Van Stael is a stylish retro city bike inspired by the Netherlands’ number 1 classic: the Gazelle Tour de France. Just like the CityZen S9, the Van Stael is very light (12.8 kilogrammes), making it very manoeuvrable. The robust steel frame sports modern styling and is fitted with quality components, such as a seat and handlebar grips by Brooks. The starting price for the Van Stael is 649 euros. 

Orange C7 HM and C8 HM with Impulse system

The Orange C7 HM and C8 HM are Gazelle’s comfortable and popular electric bicycles. These bikes are equipped with the newest technology, such as Shift Sensor Technology and Walk Assist, in addition to the Impulse system with its powerful and quiet, centrally located motor. This motor is produced in-house and has been successfully used within the Pon Bicycle Group, which Gazelle is part of. Since its introduction the Impulse system has proved its merits. The bicycles have undergone a practical modification: the battery pack has been moved from the seat tube to the underside of the luggage carrier. These modifications make it possible to nicely accommodate the Impulse system on the existing Orange frame, allowing the bike to keep its beautiful, stylish looks along with its comfortable riding features.

New name

Starting from the beginning of next year, Gazelle’s product line has a simpler, clearer and more logical structure. One of the most important changes is the new way that the various models will be named. The e-bikes will be called Hybrid, and the location of the electric motor will also be included the name of the model: F (Front) or M (Mid). As of next year the city bikes will be known as Comfort, and models with a derailleur will be redubbed as Trekking. Due to this change, the names Medeo and Fuente will no longer be used. Instead, these bicycles will take the ‘family names’ Orange and Chamonix. The type of bicycle will be indicated with the letters C (Comfort), T (Trekking), S (Sportive trekking). The number of speeds will also included in the model name. 

For example, the Orange Plus Innergy will henceforth be called the Orange C7 Hybrid F, indicating that it is a seven-speed electric city bike with the motor in the front wheel.